Rolls-Royce Launches A Luxury Benchmark With The New Phantom

It doesn’t happen every day that Rolls-Royce is launching a new car, and most certainly not a new Phantom! It was in 1925 that Sir Henry Royce introduced the very first version of this legendary car, that was soon called “The Best Car in the World.”

The new Phantom has very high expectations to live up to, yet does so with flair and prowess. Rolls-Royce dedicated considerable resources to make this car even better than its predecessor. This starts with an all-aluminium spaceframe, which is even 30% more rigid than that of the Phantom VII. This will take the “Magic Carpet Ride” to a whole new level, as it is stiffer and quieter.

Being quiet was an important focal point of Rolls-Royce during the development of the car. By fitting it with 6mm two-layer glazing and fitting it with 130kg of sound absorption materials, they created what probably will become “the most silent motor car in the world,” being 10% quieter than its predecessor at 100km/h.

In terms of the engine, there is no downsizing for the Phantom. Under the hood, we find an all new twin-turbo 6.75 litre V12. With this engine there is only one specification that matters: it offers 900Nm of torque at only 1.700 rpm. This means that the Phantom can propel itself with great dignity at slow speeds, yet also has no problem performing when this is required. The driver is aided in this not only by the ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox but also by the Satellite Aided Transmission.

While it comes with quite a history, the new Phantom is a very future minded car. It comes with Active Cruise Control, Night Vision, WiFi hotspot and a four camera system with panoramic view, and that are only a few of the systems it has on board.

With the new Phantom, Rolls-Royce also introduces “The Gallery,” in which they have reimagined the dashboard and instrument panel. While this includes an analog clock and a 12.3 inch TFT color display with LED back lightening to provide the driver with all the information regarding the car, owners can choose from a wide variety of silk, wood, metal, and leather to create the background of The Gallery. Clients can also opt for a bespoke approach, in which Rolls-Royce works with artist and designers, preferred by the owner, to create an art piece to put behind the glass of The Gallery.

By being a supreme car, offering a supreme interior Rolls-Royce not only created a modern day version of “The Best Car in the World” but one worthy to bring this title into a new era.