Numarine 32XP: Enjoying More Space While Exploring A Smaller World

The new Numarine 32XP does something extraordinary: it makes your world smaller and larger at the same time. As one of the latest explorer superyachts, it is equipped with a special steel hull which allows for superb performance under all conditions.  Two CAT C18 Acert C engines, good for 715 bhp each can propel the 32XP to a top speed of 14 knots, although the cruising speed of 12 knots will be more common. It will, however, make your world significantly smaller, because in true explorer yacht fashion does the 32XP have a significant range. At 9 knots it can go 3000 nautical miles between refuels, allowing you almost literally to go wherever your heart desires!

Numarine 32XP
This also means that the owners intend to spend a significant amount of time on their yacht. To do this in comfort, the 32XP offers almost unprecedented room onboard for the owner, his family and guests to enjoy. The upper deck is dedicated to the owner’s cabin, offering 40 square meters of personal space, which is even fitted with a walk-in closet. This is in addition to the master cabin which measures 30 square feet and includes separate his and hers bathrooms with a shared oversized shower.

Numarine 32XP
One deck below two double cabins are available for guests as well as two VIP cabins. The interior is fully customizable, adapting the yacht to its owners taste. The large deck offers room for a 9-meter tender, as well as two jet-skis. This 32XP is fitted with a gym, as well as a full-size kitchen featuring four full-height refrigerators, allowing to enjoy fresh produce even when you are off the beaten track, which is one of the reasons why you buy an explorer yacht in the first place.

Numarine 32XP
The 32XP is the first that Numarine delivered, being ordered by its client in June 2016, but do expect more to follow!