Sanlorenzo Launches SX88 Crossover Yacht

While they are quite popular in the automotive industry, crossovers are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of exclusive yachts. All the more interesting, because often they combine the best of both worlds, as will be the case of the new Sanlorenzo SX88.

It combines the features of an explorer yacht with that of a more traditional flybridge yacht. With a length of 88 feet it is rather compact, yet still offers ample room, mainly thanks so the ingenious designs for which Officina Italiana Design is responsible. One of the most striking elements is the windshield which is placed at a reversed angle. It gives the SX88 a distinct look.

While the interior is for future owners to decide, Sanlorenzo offers the SX88 with three layouts. In all of them, large open spaces dominate, and the main deck even lacks the traditional wheelhouse in favor of more living space. Another great feature is the “Skylounge” situated on the top deck. Although the front windshield is fixed, the 9-feet long side windows can be lowered, making you one with your surroundings in a superb lounge area.

The hull is made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) while the superstructure itself is made out of carbon fiber. This effectively keeps the weight down, while the yacht is still very strong. Although exact propulsion information has yet to be released, the SX88 will be powered by Volvo Penta engines, and preliminary tests have already made clear that the expected top speed is 23 knots. This is much faster then most explorer yachts can go, but it will be interesting to see what the range of this yacht will be and if it can there take advantage of truly being a crossover.


The Sanlorenzo SX88 will be on display at the 2017 Cannes Yachting Festival for future buyers to explore. However, the first six have already been sold.