Ladies Watch of the Week: Bulgari LVCEA Tourbillon

That the time that ladies prefer a quartz powered watch is passing is evident by watches such as Bulgari’s LVCEA tourbillon. At the same time, it is probably also not fair to call it a watch, as it is more a piece of art that combines multiple disciplines.

bulgari LVCEA tourbillon
Bulgari has established a legacy in which they combine Italian design with Swiss watchmaking. This is evident not only by the elegant case but also by the movement that it holds. Caliber 263 is made by Bulgari themselves. It looks like it is a manual wind movement, while in fact, it is an automatic. Bulgari made the rotor peripheral so that the back of the tourbillon is never obstructed. This may seem like a detail, but it are details like this that make a watch Haute Horlogerie.

bulgari LVCEA tourbillon

In most watches, the tourbillon would be the eyecatcher, but with the LVCEA tourbillon, it needs to share its place. The dial is cut from either Jade or Ruby and respectable fitted in a rose or white gold case. Creating these type of dials is quite a feat by itself, as one first of all needs to find a stone large enough and of high enough quality, and secondly, you need to slice off a thin layer that can serve as the dial. In this case, the hour markers are colorless brilliant-cut diamonds held by gold claws.

bulgari LVCEA tourbillon
With its diameter of 38mm is the Bulgari LVCEA Tourbillon a modern day’s women’s watch. It is not oversized, but also not the petite shape as was in fashion in earlier years. It also gives Bulgari ample room to space out all the different features of the watch, created a very balanced design, which is high-end, fashionable, and yes, a form of art at the same time!