Let’s Talk The 5 Senses Of Flying With NetJets

If you’ve ever wondered why certain foods taste worse on a plane, you’re not going crazy. Research has shown that our ability to taste food in flight is diminished by 30%. With that in mind NetJets has created a level of luxury to eliminate that issue on board their aircrafts. Since airplanes in flight contain extremely dry air, it effects the quality and consistency of certain foods, for example bagels and sandwiches will literally fall apart.

Aware that your senses are heightened during a flight, NetJets expertly offers a sensory experience that speaks to the five senses ensuring the best food experience possible. We spoke with NetJets EVP of Owner Experience Diana Oreck, to get the low down on what flying does to your sense with a special emphasis on catering.

NetJetsPhoto Credit: NetJets

What makes NetJets catering different?

“One of the best parts of traveling is experiencing different cuisine. NetJets has more than 2000 catering partners worldwide who bring the tastes of their region to you inflight. NetJets has worked alongside top caterers to develop the Signature Selection Menu. This location-specific menu showcases what each catering partner does best and what is fresh and unique to their market as well as what will do well in flight.

NetJets Owner Services can recommend catering based on your likes and dislikes, time of flight, quantity for aircraft size and region you are traveling from.We have an onboard snack and drink selection unlike any other: Over 70 different top end items to drink and snack on, should you feel the need to indulge.”

Who are some of the partners you work with?

“We have an exclusive partnership with Michelin Star Chef Jose Andres who developed a one-of-a-kind curated menu out of Washington DC that only NetJets Owners can enjoy.”

NetJets FoodPhoto Credit: NetJets

What types of food are best in flight?

“Bolder flavors do well in flight – think salty, spicy and sweet; foods consumed on the ground may or may not be as good in the air and vise/versa. In most cases, space is at a premium onboard aircraft, so quantity does not mean quality onboard an aircraft. It can be difficult to store large amounts of food and even harder to find space to eat it.”

What does exceptional service mean to you?

“Exceptional service means treating your customers, patients, guests, Owners the way they want to be treated. It means knowing your customers so you can provide personalized service. It is not cookie cutter, it is different for each person. It means having team members who practice “Radar On-Antenna Up”. They have their eyes and ears open and can pick up on the clues that people are giving them to provide exceptional service.
Exceptional service is also not just about the interaction with people. It is the interaction with people, interaction with the physical plant or asset and how the five senses come into play. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” does not apply in luxury service. Attention to every detail is absolutely critical.”

NetJets Food 2Photo Credit: NetJets