Haute Drinks: My Mama Don’t Like You

A Justin Bieber-inspired Absolut cocktail will have you singing a delicious tune


Justin Bieber’s mama may not like you, but she’s going to love the cocktail named in his honor. During this year’s Grammy Awards, master chef Joaquim Splichal’s Patina Catering Group, the Recording Academy’s official post-Grammy celebration caterer, developed five cocktails in homage to this year’s Album of the Year nominees for its Los Angeles eateries, Café Pinot, Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse, Ray’s and Stark Bar and Kendall’s Brasserie. My Mama Don’t Like You, the drink, was a tribute to the hit song from Bieber’s Skrillex-produced, Grammy-winning Purpose album from mixologist Evan Charest—a riff on a classic vodka tonic, created with Absolut vodka and uniquely earthy elements like aloe vera liqueur, Chareau, lemon juice and a sprig of rosemary for aroma. Other cocktails included Love in the Dark, inspired by Adele’s 25; Strength and Guidance, in celebration of Drake’s Views; Becky’s Lemonade, a salute to Beyoncé’s Lemonade; and Live A Little, in honor of Sturgill Simpson’s A Sailor’s Guide to Earth. We happen to think all of these inventive drinks are award-worthy, too.



2 oz. Absolut vodka

1/2 oz. Chareau Aloe Liqueur

1/2 oz. lemon juice

Top with tonic water

Garnish: Rosemary

Glass: Double rocks

In a double rocks glass, add ice and blend all ingredients together. Garnish with rosemary.

“It just seemed like a carbonated cocktail, like a vodka tonic, was the perfect base to work from on this one, and [then] bring in some super earthy elements to make it unique.” − Evan Charest, Patina Restaurant Group Mixologist