Haute Top 5: Power Lunch Places in San Francisco in 2017

While the modern-day San Francisco power lunch probably doesn’t involve three martinis, there are several requirements for a restaurant to be an excellent location for a mid-deal meal that involves business. First, the eatery should be downtown in the Financial District or its surrounding neighborhoods—that’s where most of the big time wheeling and dealing occurs in the city. Second, the food should be delicious. It’s San Francisco and if the lunch is on the company dime, there is no excuse not to go to a restaurant that makes excellent cuisine with seasonal local ingredients. Third, a full bar is optimal. Although not necessary, the option to order a cocktail should be available. Lastly, the environment and service should be discreet. Diners should feel comfortable enough to discus private business information at the restaurant. Our favorite restaurants that check all of these boxes? Below we list the best places for a power lunch in SF.