Boston’s Cocktail of the Week: The Middlebury Inn at Wink & Nod

It’s almost the weekend, right?

As if you needed an excuse to head out on hump day for a much-needed libation, Wink & Nod has crafted a cocktail that is the perfect midweek excuse to head out on the town. Honors for the featured cocktail of the week go to The Middlebury Inn, an exclusive $50 drink found on the Tiered Black Card Cocktail Menu, which also includes other haute cocktails like The Archibault. (For $100, The Archibault features a delicious combination of Hennessy 250 Collector Blend, Del Professore White Vermouth, Lejay Crème de Cassis and Grand Marnier Cuvee 1880).

The Middlebury InnPhoto Credit: Joe Greene Photo

The Middlebury Inn is a delicious combination of WhistlePig Rye Whiskey 15yr, Carpano Antice and house smoked bitters presented beautifully in a smoke box.

The Middlebury Inn CocktailPhoto Credit: Joe Greene Photo

We caught up with Michael Boughton, corporate beverage director of Boston Nightlife Ventures, to find out the inspiration behind the creation of this luxe cocktail.

“This past fall, WhistlePig invited me to their farm distillery in Vermont,” he said. “The Middlebury Inn was where I stayed throughout the visit (the kind of place where you cozy up next to a fireplace on a cold night with a pour of good whiskey). Although the weather was warm on my particular visit and I didn’t get a chance to sip whiskey next to a fireplace (one with a fire, anyway), I kept the image in mind for this cocktail. The Middlebury Inn (WhistlePig 15 year Rye Whiskey, Carpano Antica, house smoke bitters) is a riff on the classic Manhattan with a superior rye whiskey and a blend of bitters that we smoke in-house at Wink & Nod. Unlike most Manhattans, this cocktail is built in the glass right over a large cube to diminish immediate dilution, allowing it to dilute over time. The cocktail is presented in a glass box filled with hickory smoke to simulate a log burning fireplace.”

Wink & Nod is located at 3 Appleton Street in Boston.