Haute Spots: Leica Gallery Boston

Earlier this fall, Leica Camera opened an exclusive gallery inside the Boston Park Plaza Hotel to showcase curated exhibits from world-famous photographers. Next month, Leica Gallery Boston is presenting “A Step Beyond | 26.5N, 77.8W,” an exhibit from fine arts photographer Eileen McCarney Muldoon highlighting daily life in the city of Havana, Cuba. The collection will be in town from January 5 through March 5.

The gallery, which brings world-class art exhibits to the residents and visitors of Boston also hosts special engagements with featured artists and offers the Leica Akademie workshops for immersive experiences.

26.5N, 77.8W denotes the latitude and longitude of Cuba, setting the location for the collection. These photos are the result of McCarney Muldoon’s experiences traveling within Cuba for the past five years, co-teaching photography workshops to fellow enthusiasts on the island. Through these personal encounters, she has captured the homes, lives, and fervent hospitality of the Cuban people and their culture through her honest and revealing photographs.

Leica Gallery BostonPhoto Credit: Leica Gallery Boston

McCarney Muldoon’s work has also been exhibited at Newport Art Museum, The Providence Art Club, Mystic Arts Center and numerous galleries throughout New England and New York. Living and working in Jamestown, RI, her photographic style has been described as painterly, but she prefers to attribute it to her vision of the world, expressed through the photographic expression.

She was also accepted to the Fine Art & Documentary Photography Show in Berlin for Women Photographers 2016.

The Leica Gallery Boston is located at 74 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116, within the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.