10 Ways to Get Sensational Skin from Swiss Guru Jacqueline Piotaz

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For the first time ever, Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland, an uber-luxury line of Swiss skincare products made from the very best products on the planet, is now available in the United States at Spa Montage at the Montage Laguna Beach. The luxurious combination of advanced stem cell products and facial treatment techniques combine revolutionary Triple Plant Stem Cells with the latest advanced Swiss Bio High-Technology, to create a potent effect on cell protection, cell renewal, and cell longevity. Developed exlusively by Piotaz, an international skin care authority, produced in a renowned Swiss research laboratory, these treatments and products will improve the tone and texture of your skin while infusing it with actives that leave the skin remarkably timeless and beautiful. Here, this Swiss skincare guru shares ten tips on how to get a radiant complexion.

JPS Luxury Collection
JPS Luxury Collection
  1. Twice daily non aggressive cleanser and toner  (morning and evening)

The base for any effective skincare is a deep and gentle cleansing of the skin. This is something that a lot of people like to forget, it is the first step of supporting and protecting the skin.  The Cleanser has to be non aggressive. The Tonic best without alcohol ingredient.. The Soft Peel Tonic skin revitalizes the skin, which is the ideal preparation for the skincare to follow. As an exclusive addition we have added a special combination of five plant and fruit extracts to the Soft Peel Tonic, which gently peels off dead skin cells and leaves the skin moisturized and makes the skin look smoother and firmer.

  1. Moisturizing & Serums (Vitamin cocktails for skin)

With moisturizing the skin healthy treatment starts. The key to a toned and improved skin is to keep the moisture levels up. A balanced moisturized skin is the basic of all ingredients. Without moisturizing nothing works. Today we have combined serums with moisturizers and other valuable ingredients at the same time for the skin. I call them Vitamin cocktails with instant and longtime effects. The Expression lines and wrinkles appear to be less severe and the facial features look relaxed. The skin feels immediately smoother and softer. 

  1. Sun protection 

Keep out of the sun!  This is not for all people and not always possible. Therefore protecting your skin from free radicals and UV rays is very important. Most important to avoid skin cancer, but also for the skin to be able to do its proper daily work and to look healthy and radiant.

  1. Exfoliating skin regularly 

Apply the Exfoliator to the cleansed skin of the face and neck once to twice a week. Use an innovative peeling. For example; the enzymatically active formula assists in loosening dead skin cells and removes them gently, without irritating the skin, thanks to a biologically active enzyme – based compound. The aim is to stimulate the generation of new cells. The exceptional ingredients offer a efficient anti-aging effect and they soothe the skin, and help to prevent irritation from aggressive environmental factors. This will leave the skin visibly smoothed and refined while skin oxygenation and microcirculation is stimulated, creating an ideal environment for cell renewal. The complexion looks visibly clearer, refreshed and refined, and the skin feels soft and relaxed a visible younger and healthier appearance. For me it is always the door opener for the goody’s to come.

  1. Day and night cream (with innovative actives like plant stem cell) to protect and nourish the skin.

Today’s pollution and environment asks for a more demanding and innovative skin care. Innovative and quality creams have different functions to keep or get a healthy balanced skin. This is necessary for the skin natural functions.  The unique antioxidant and moisturising formula of the Power Cream 24h makes the skin look and feel revitalized. The skin appears youthfully plumped and even, and has a silky looking radiance. New skin formulas make the skin appear refined, smoothens the appearance of wrinkles and offers intensive moisture and protection.

  1. Masks 2 to-3 times a week best during sleeping time

Your healthy skin naturally regenerates itself at night, this is why a over night mask 2-3 times a week ideally supports a  lifting, firming and rejuvenation effect of the skin and complements the daily anti aging care. The revolutionary formula of the Mask & Luxury Night Cream contains a spectacular ingredient cocktail of five plant stem cell extracts, which can strengthen the skin barrier and preserve the vitality of the cells for a long-lasting and youthful appearance. Exclusive ingredient components balance the skin with moisture, plumping it from within. The appearance of fine- and expression lines looks reduced and the complexion looks refined. The skin feels firmer, fuller and smoother, as if lifted.

  1. Invest in your skin, you only have one!

Love your skin and treat your skin well. Start already when young. Facial treatments and checks by a professional esthetician in a Spa ideally every 4-6 week.

  1. Drink enough water

The human body exists of about 70 percent water, which shows that it is important for us to drink enough water to make the body functions work well. This is equally important for the skin.

  1. Sporty activity 

What ever activity you like most, also dancing and normal walking in outdoor and friendly environment counts. Find time for  Meditation, Yoga or Pilates.  For myself I love Bikram Yoga, Golf  and walking in the Nature..

  1. Positive Life Balance

Family and long-life friends are equally important. Make laughing a daily routine; read funny books and look funny movies.  Eat healthy fresh food. Most of all be of loving kind!

JPS Voyage Collection
JPS Voyage Collection