JetSmarter Launches New SF – Lake Tahoe JetShuttle Route


A popular winter retreat, Lake Tahoe lounges some 200 miles north-east of San Francisco – a distance that translates into at least an hour-long flight. This is if one does not count the time-sapping airport grind. Patrons of the revolutionary digital aviation company, JetSmarter, who wish to jaunt from The City to Lake Tahoe, however, do not need to fret about the hassle of conventional flying. As of November 3, JetSmarter is to expand its JetShuttle offers with biweekly flights between the two destinations.

Often described as the Uber of the skies, JetSmarter is to fly private 8-seat jets on its San Francisco – Lake Tahoe route every Monday and Thursday. Booking a spot on the new itinerary through the venture’s mobile app will come at no cost for its members, who, at the expense of a one-time $5,000 initiation rate and a $10,000 annual fee, can indulge in complimentary first-class JetShuttle experiences. Yet, at half the price of a typical private charter, clients can design their unique San Francisco – Lake Tahoe hop to best fit their preferences and schedules. 

“We always strive to meet our customer[s’] needs.  By popular demand, we’re proud to offer this new travel option for our San Francisco members, who can enjoy this quick flight to a beautiful getaway at Lake Tahoe,” said JetSmarter Founder and CEO Sergey Petrossov in a press statement.

This latest air service is to complement the three current flights JetSmarter operates out of San Francisco – to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Launched in 2012, the mobile private aviation pioneer now runs JetShuttles across more than a dozen US cities as well as in Europe and the Middle East. Having struck an exclusive deal with XoJet to fly its aircrafts, JetSmarter retails both custom charters as well as airlines’ unsold seats through its iOS- and Android-available app, which is favored by regular commuters, celebrities and dignitaries alike.

Set out to redefine modern-day aviation, JetSmarter’s heady quest for affordability, mobility and efficiency in the clouds is just commencing.