No Sweat! Tips to Stay Cool from Dr. Weintraub

MiradryPhoto Credit: MiraDry

A new beauty secret is taking over Manhattan’s Social Set, according to top NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Weintraub. Have you ever wondered why celebrities, CEOs, and medial personalities aren’t seen sweating in photographs like the average person?  This isn’t a trick of editing but thanks to a new treatment called miraDry.  According to Dr. Barry Weintraub, one of the few board certified plastic surgeons in all of New York City to offer this procedure, miraDry is effective, FDA-cleared, and can be done during your lunch break.  

“Many of my patients, from CEOs to socialites to business workers who live in NYC, do not wish to be seen with sweat stains on their clothing – no matter if it’s in the gym or on the red carpet, or just in daily life. MiraDry is a non-invasive treatment that permanently stops sweating under the arms.”

Profuse sweating, an inelegant condition called “hyperhidrosis,” affects over 220 million people according to the International Hyperhidrosis Society.  “But even the average person can sweat uncomfortably under their arms – not just in the summer but all the time.  Our underarms contain only 2% of the sweat glands of our bodies, yet this is the most noticeable area of sweating due to constricting clothing and skin-to-skin contact that prevent evaporation.”

As awareness increases about harsh chemicals like aluminum salts that are contained in antiperspirants, many are looking for new, organic ways to combat sweating.  In addition, traveling without being bogged down by antiperspirants or deodorants is becoming much more appealing thanks to the TSA’s rules about carry-on items.  

“In the past, patients had the option of being treated under their arms with Botox, which offered temporary relief.  In contrast, MiraDry is permanent and can be a real lifestyle changer.  Women can wear silk dresses and blouses without worrying about sweat stains, and men don’t have to hide under suit jackets,” says Dr. Weintraub from his office in NYC.

MiraDry is also a long-term money saver. According to the Business Insider, the average household spends well over $500 a year on dry-cleaning bills, not to mention the time involved doing laundry, as well as the cost of antiperspirants and deodorants. 

If you have wondered about an organic alternative to antiperspirants, or feel embarrassed by the sweat and odor of your underarms, or have thought to yourself, “Are antiperspirants bad for you?” miraDry could be a solution. Dr. Weintraub offers free consultations at his stylish Upper East Side office on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.  “I am always happy to help people feel better about themselves,” he says.  “MiraDry is simply another tool to combat embarrassing sweating so that patients can feel confident and attractive.”