5 Haute Brazilian Restaurants In Dallas

As the Summer Olympics come to a conclusion with their first week of games, people around the globe are soaking in the Brazilian vibes by sipping on tropical caipirinha, dancing a little samba, slipping into that itsy, bitsy, teenie-weenie bikini and of course noshing on some mouth watering Latin American cuisine. It’s no surprise, considering Dallas’ love affair with grilled meats that it has its own fair share of Brazilian restaurants  known as churrascaria.

Brazilian restaurants named churrascarias are well known for serving churrasco, or grilled meat. Several different types of meat including, steak, pork, sausage and chicken are served by waiters presenting skewers and slicing the meats directly into the guest’s plate.

All you can eat grilled meats! That’s a Texan’s dream come true and with Rio putting you in the mood for some  south of the border cuisine, Haute Living came up with a list of five of the hottest spots to tempt your palate with authentic Brazilian food.