Caroline Vreeland Shares 7 High Society Entertaining Tips

Caroline Vreeland 1 (White Dress) BW
Photo by: Isabella Lombardini

Caroline Vreeland is uniquely qualified to be a purveyor of good taste: she is the great-granddaughter of the late Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief and fashion maven Diana Vreeland. With that incredible link to legendary style and a strong, determined personality, Caroline, a fashion model, is now in the process of reimagining her own boldly spectacular world through music and is currently cutting her debut album, In Ruins. Last week, Caroline took some time off from the catwalk and from the recording studio to co-host A Moveable Feast: St-Germain Cafe Society Brunch Series at Republique alongside St. Germain‘s Global Brand Ambassador Camille Vidal. The intimate brunch gathered local Bon Vivants who emulate the modern day Cafe Society legacy, a legacy cherished from the 1920s where the “Beautiful People” and “Bright Young Things” gathered in avant-garde cafes in New York, Paris and London to celebrate creativity, fine-dining and life’s passions. On that note, Caroline shared her tips for high society entertaining.

1). Mix up the guest list. My crew is an eclectic bunch of painters, writers, stylists, musicians, and designers. No wet blankets!

2). An intimate atmosphere is key. I want everyone smushed together in the dark laughing and being just a tiny bit too loud.

3). Never show up empty handed. Always bring a good wine, even if it’s your last $30.

4). When hosting, make sure to use the trick I learned from my time in Taiwan. At certain intervals, move around to different groups and make sure everyone feels welcomed and included. I love a dinner party where people are constantly up and moving around, engaging with each other.

5). Always start with a cheese plate that features at least one soft and one hard cheese.

6). Buena Vista Social Club always sets the mood for music and makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy as they are arriving and settling. You’ll know when the right time is to segue into Future and YG as the night progresses.

7). Don’t stress over the cleaning until everyone leaves or you’ll forget to enjoy yourself. It can all be dealt with later.