3 Ways Jetsetters Can Fight Jet Lag at NYC Spas This Summer

It’s summertime and that means one thing: travel. Flights across the country and around the world bring you to beautiful places, but can also leave you exhausted upon return. Fighting jet lag can be a never-ending task when you’re jet-setting all summer. Here are five New York City spas with anti-jet lag treatments to keep you ready for your next adventure.

Four Seasons Spa: Anti-Jet Lag Oxy-Jet Energy Booster Treatment


Get yourself back on track with L.RAPHAEL‘s signature anti-jet lag treatment. Lay yourself down on a perfectly heated spa bed and let their insanely talented therapists take care of the rest. Your treatment begins with L.RAPHAEL’s proprietary Oxy-Tech II machine to oxygenate and revitalize the skin. This will awaken your body before you indulge in total relaxation. During this process you will simultaneously be massaged with restorative carrot seed oil which promotes manual drainage of the lymphatic system. Essentially while you are laying down at rest, your body is being filled with all of the vital ingredients that will get you in a centered and local state of mind. Once all of these natural elements have been introduced, it is time for a deeply relaxing massage. The extremely attentive therapists ensure that no ailment is left unsolved. You will leave the stunning and sleek Four Seasons Spa feeling ready for anything that comes your way. Don’t miss their incredibly lush steam and sauna amenities!

50-110 Minutes, $590-830

Spa Nalai: Jet Lag Therapy


What are the worst parts about jet lag? Bloating, welling, back pain, to name a few. Spa Nalai’s Jet Lag Therapy specifically combats the problems we experience most as world travelers. Beginning with a dry exfoliation of the entire body followed by an invigorating massage with the H. Gillerman Travel Remedy, you will get over your jet lag in no time. Stretching of the arms and legs during treatment enhances circulation and an abdominal massage featuring warm stones reduces body water retention and relieve the feeling of heaviness.Finish your much needed me time with a scalp massage with peppermint essential oils help getting rid of any travel headaches and tensions associated with stress and dehydration. Oila, it’s a brand new New York you!

90-Minute Jet Lag Treatment begins at $350

Juvenex: Jet-Lag Kombu Body Wrap


Sometimes you have to wrap it all up to let it all out. At Juvenex, you will be luxuriously wrapped in mineral‑rich seaweeds from France to detoxify and balance fluids in the body. This unique jet lag treatment reduces the common travel effects of bloating and water retention. The spa’s many amenities provide the perfect place to spend an entire day getting your mind centered in a new city!

60 Minutes at $125