Why Little Beach House is the Most Exclusive Soho House Ever

Little Beach House
Little Beach House

Photo Credit: Soho House

It’s here: Soho House Malibu—a.k.a. Little Beach House Malibu—has finally opened its doors.

Soho House founder Nick Jones has opened the latest outpost of his super-exclusive, unbelievably trendy members-only club on the exclusive mile-long stretch of sand known as Carbon Beach or “Billionaire’s Beach” in the former Nikita space adjacent to Nobu Malibu.

Interestingly enough, even if you’re a Soho House member already, it doesn’t mean you’ll gain access to this Soho House; according to the Hollywood Reporter, there’s going to be an entirely different vetting process; Malibu locales will ultimately have a decision in deciding who can stay, and who should go.

“We respect the communities that we go to, and everyone in Malibu was really passionate about keeping this club within the fabric of what the city is,” Soho House membership director Samantha Stone explained to the HR.  “So members have the opportunity to apply and explain why they want to access Malibu — and to see if it’s for the right reasons. Maybe you live there, or you have a house there, or you grew up there, or you surf there, or you are a photographer who shoots there. There are various justifications. That was the best course of action to keep it really aligned with what Malibu believes in.”

The members who are approved access, will be able to enjoy added perks like hiking through the vineyards of Saddlerock Ranch, foraging at Point Dume and a discussion about solar energy and “postmodern environmentalism” with a sustainable energy consultant.

Other new features of the 10,000 square foot club include hidden nooks and crannies with a beachy vibe and loads of contemporary art, ocean views, a meat and seafood-heavy all-day dining menu and a sitting room.

Soho House was founded in London in 1995 as a home from home for people working in creative fields. There are Houses located in the UK, Berlin, Istanbul, New York, West Hollywood, Miami, Chicago and Toronto.