LA-Based Designer Kevyn Wynn Shares Her Desktop Essentials

Kevyn Wynn (1)

As the youngest of Steve and Elaine Wynn’s two daughters, needless to say, LA-based designer Kevyn Wynn has spent more than her fair share of time immersed in the luxury-hospitality industry—and discovered what guests really want: comfort and opulence.

When she was just a teenager, Kevyn declared her desire to learn more about her parents’ business, and soon after became an intern in the retail division at Steve Wynn’s Mirage Resorts. There Kevyn learned from the ground up, not only about retail buying and merchandising, but also how to create private- label products for upscale resorts. For more than 15 years, Wynn excelled in her goal of learning every aspect of hospitality retail, as she ascended through the ranks to take on the position of overseeing both the design and merchandising of private-label fashion and home products for hotels in the Mirage Resorts’ family from stints in the buying office, retail accounting and ultimately a merchandising course in Paris. Soon after she was designing the in-room robes and slippers for Wynn Resorts, working with high-end factories and design studios throughout Europe to source the best fabrics and most sophisticated handcraft.

A desire for a change of scenery beckoned Wynn to Los Angeles, where she soon married and became involved with a variety of philanthropic endeavors. But she was still in search of something, and became focused on finding stylish, wear-at-home footwear. When she couldn’t find what she sought, she decided to design it herself. Several sketches and conversations with industry professionals later, Wynn discovered that her idea was not only unique, but also highly marketable.

Fast-forward two years, and the Kevyn Wynn Collection of seven unique mule styles was born. Today, as a single mother based in Los Angeles, she is determined to build a business that not only fills a unique need in the comfort-footwear category, but also establishes its own footing as a model for businesses created for and by women, an idea conceived as a tribute to her own daughter, Zoe. Yet the standards of her father’s business philosophy are never far from mind. “For many years I have watched my dad put his name on Las Vegas experiences that are the absolute gold standard,” Kevyn says. “If I’m putting my own name on these slippers, it’s because I know they’re the best as well.” Here, Kevyn Wynn shares a peek at her desktop essentials.

Kevyn Wynn Desk Shot

  • “I Love You” Sign from my Kids – this reminds me of what comes first – family.  That was also a reason I named my premiere collection after all the important women in my life.
  • Design Book – Inspirational textiles are always on my desk.  Right now I am creating my second collection bringing in new textures, materials and stones.
  • Kevyn Wynn Slippers – Under my desk and usually on my feet, they are an extension of my home and office.  I’m so proud of my first collection and often sit and design in them for inspiration and motivation.
  • Magazines – Fashion and Home Decor magazines are always close at hand especially for my beloved “Me time” as a busy Mom and business owner.
  • Gum. I love to chew gum.  I’ve gone to great lengths to find my favorite flavors when  it’s in short supply at the market – Top of my list: Orbit’s Sweet Mint