A Look At London’s First Drinkable Art Installation

Regent's Place
Regent’s Place

We’ve always been told ‘don’t touch the art,’ but have you ever been told not to drink it? Well if you have, artist Emmet Kierans and SodaStream are here to tell you differently. Interactive art has become an increasingly popular brand activation to garner a stonger social media presence. This thoughtful effort by Sodastream promises to do just that.

The colorful sculpture entitled ‘Let’s Play,’ has been designed by Emmet Kierans to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.  The Shannon-born artist is currently engaged in a practice-based PhD at Central Saint Martins around ideas of embodied consciousness in works of art. ‘Let’s Play’ perhaps reflects Sodastream’s motto “water made exciting” and its ability to turn ordinary H2O into an entirely different bubbly creation. This installation will attempt to attract art aficionados and pedestrians walking by to experiment with SodaStream’s sparkling water and transform it with the brand’s extensive range of flavors.

The installation will appear featuring vibrant tubes of varying colors with flowing and bubbling water. These tubes will create abstract shapes that will spill at the turn of a secret tap, each one boasting a different flavor. Beyond bringing brand awareness, this public and free installation will also act as a conversational structure to connect people. Don’t miss out on the chance to interact with art in an entirely new way, and maybe meet some like-minded people while you’re at it.
via londontheinside.com
via londontheinside.com

Tues 7th – Weds 8th June 2016, 8am – 7pm
Regent’s Place, London, NW1 3HF