The Two Most Expensive Living Artists Collaborate On New Exhibition


While many celebrity artists’ are notorious for their creative egos, these two have continuously proved the world wrong. Perhaps the most famous contemporary artists of today, and long-time friends, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons have come together for what is poised to be an incredible collaboration.

For Koons’ first major solo show in the United Kingdom since his exhibition at Serpentine Gallery in 2009, Hirst’s recently opened Newport Street Gallery will display an exhibition entirely comprised of Koons’ paintings and sculptures spanning from 1979-2014. The oldest work in the show titled “Now,” is one of Koons’ iconic inflatable-flower sculpture from 1979, and other pieces including “Balloon Monkey (Blue)” (2006-13) and “Play-Doh” (1994-2014).

Aside from his already recognized sculpture work, Newport Street Gallery will also fill its rooms with a wider selection of Koons’ art. You can expect to find pornographic images from a series that Koons produced with his ex-wife Ilona Staller in the early 1990s titled “Made in Heaven.”

Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery opened in October, 2015 at a cost of approximately $36 million. Which is a small number compared to the artists’ reported earnings. In fact, Koons and Hirst are the two most expensive living artists today. Koons tops the list at number one in the United States and Hirst comes at a close number two in the United Kingdom. Together, their influence and reach knows no bounds.

The exhibition titled “Now” will be on display at Newport Street Gallery from May 18-October 16, 2016.


Newport Street Gallery
Newport Street
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