Shawn & Larry King Share Their Secrets To A Good Night’s Sleep

Baby Alpaca Throws
Baby Alpaca Throws

Just like us mere mortal folk, Shawn and Larry King spend a close to a third of their lives sleeping. Except unlike us, the power couple decided they weren’t going to be satisfied with the average bedtime products currently on the market. Thus, Sleep Like A King was born.

No longer do you have to settle for subpar bed sheets, duvets, pillows, robes, towels, candles, or really anything else sleep related. Like the Kings, the collection was designed for those who possess an appreciation for the finer things in life; people who focus on quality and aesthetics. In creating Sleep Like A King, Shawn and Larry drew inspiration from their favorite luxury hotels across the globe. From Tahiti to St.Tropez you can find almost any haute destination in one of their line of products. If you’ve ever left a hotel wishing that you could take the comfort of that 5-star bed with you, now you can.

In order to execute their versatile collection of bed sheets the Kings chose to collaborate with the best in the business, Sobel Westex. “We’re fortunate to have experienced so many amazing hotels over the years enjoying their exquisite bath and bedding, often purchasing our favorites to appreciate at home,” said Larry and Shawn King. “Discovering Sobel Westex as the manufacturer of many of these items inspired us to collaborate with them on this project. We’re excited to share our new home collection with those looking for a bit of luxury in their daily lives,” they continued.

The incredible collaboration has left us consumers with 17 new products for summer 2016. You can expect a line of better-with-age bath terries in seven elegant colors thoughtfully named after a few of their favorite locations from Rome to Paris. The Sleep Like A King collection also includes various linens ranging from 400-700-thread count in a series of soothing pastel colors. Perhaps our favorite products from the line are the scented candles and Baby Alpaca Throws. The 100% soy wax candles are available in five full scents also inspired by cities around the world. The Alpaca Throws however, are sourced directly from the mountains of Peru.

So if you’ve been searching high and low for the answer to a good nights sleep, here’s your answer from two people with a world of experience on their side. It’s about time you treat yourself!

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