Haute 100: Pharrell Unveils New Fan-Driven Interactive Website

Pharrell Williams' new interactive site

Fresh off the launch of his adidas’ Originals collection, Haute 100 lister Pharrell Williams has launched a new interactive platform to be able to better connect with his fans. Created by the team at Five Hundred, the site features all of the 43-year-old’s body of work.

The interactive site is comprised of five sections: music, TV and film, art and design, and fashion. Upon entering, Pharrell fans have the opportunity to create a card via Facebook that showcase their favorite Pharrell project in the aforementioned categories. Once the card is live, it remains on the homepage of the site as little blobs with the fan’s photo, alongside other fans’ cards. To the left hand side, fans can keep up-to-date with past and future projects of the singer, rapper, and record producer.

In an interview with Complex.com, the team who worked on the project spilled the deets to how the site came to be. Lillie Ferris, who worked on experience design, said, “The reason we ended up going with the blobs is because it helps indicate that each fan is unique. That is driven by the design and the way the animations work, so anytime someone downloads their card or saves their card, their form is unique to them. Everyone is an ‘other’ and everyone is their own person with unique characteristics.”

Once the site went live, the Virginia native posted a very touching Facebook post. He wrote:

“I hate to promote myself. It’s the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. They say it’s necessary to tell people about your projects, but I just believe that if it’s good, people will find it on their own.

For this reason, there wasn’t much on pharrellwilliams.com. Although my team kept urging me to give it some attention, I didn’t make it a priority. (And honestly, the internet already does a great job of cataloging all my projects.) It wasn’t until they presented me an idea from the team at Five Hundred that I found a direction I was comfortable with.

I am nothing without the people who enjoy my work. I can’t exist without all of you. I can create all day, but if there isn’t an audience to co-sign my projects, to acknowledge they’re any good, they would just exist in my mind.

On my new website, before you learn about me, you first meet the faces who have supported my projects. It’s a way for me to connect with all of you in a personal way. You are the reason I have a career, and it’s important to me that you’re all acknowledged first.

Once you get deeper into the website, you’ll experience a curated list of my projects put together by the i am OTHER team. It’s kind of like a museum, and I hope those new to my world will enjoy learning about all the collaborations I’ve had the honor of participating in.

Without you, there is no me. My career has lasted over 20 years, and I’m amazed that people are still interested in what I do. Thank you”

In addition to revealing a new interactive website, Little Big Town have announced a new album, Wanderlust, produced by Pharrell. The group performed the first single “One of Those Days” on the season finale of The Voice, where Pharrell is a coach.