Alain Ducasse to Run a Luxury Hotel in Versailles

shutterstock_353035715Photo Credit: Kiev.Victor/Shutterstock Master chef Alain Ducasse is set to run a luxury hotel worthy of his Michelin-starred status…in Versailles.

The Monegasque chef, a former French national, and his company Lov Hotel Collection, will turn a series of three buildings called the Grand Contrôle, the Petit Contrôle and the Pavillon des premières cent marches, located next to the Palace of Versailles’ Orangeries.

The 20-room hotel and accompanying French restaurant—that will have Ducasse’s Midas touch, of course—will occupy a space that was originally built by the Sun King’s architect, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, and that has been unoccupied since 2008.

A palace spokeswoman confirmed that the hotel and restaurant will officially open in 2018 to the tune of between $4.5 and $7 million in renovations. An addition $4.5 million will transform the interior for a realistic 18th-century look.

There are currently six hotels in the Lov Hotel Collection, including Les Airelles, Chalet Ormello and Aman le Melezin in Courchevel, Les Chalet de Pierres in Verdons, Pan Dei Palais in St. Tropez as well as A and La Bastide de Gordes in Luberon. Ducasse also owns two inns in Provence: La Bastide De Moustiers and L’Hostellerie De L’Abbaye De La Celle.

Ducasse, became the first chef to own restaurants carrying three Michelin Stars in three cities and is only one of two chefs to hold 21 Michelin stars throughout his career. He currently owns and operates a collection of 14 worldwide restaurants; two eateries are located within the United States—Manhattan’s Benoit and Las Vegas’ Rivea at The Delano.

Additionally, he opened a cooking school for the general public in Paris and another for chefs (ADF), which also works for the European Space Agency to develop astronaut meals to be taken into space. He has also authored several cookbooks including the Alain Ducasse Culinary Encyclopedia and Alain Ducasse’s Desserts and Pastries.