Bulgari’s New Ring Tones: Perfect For Spring

 B.zero1 Perfect Mistake

One of the sweetest phrases in the English language is “something from Bulgari,” the Roman jeweler and luxury goods brand coveted by celebrities for generations. Mega-stars have long gobbled up Bulgari gems; Liz Taylor, for example, was a particularly devoted client. As she recounted in her book My Love Affair with Jewelry, “Undeniably, one of the biggest advantages to working on Cleopatra in Rome was Bulgari’s nice little shop.  I used to visit Gianni Bulgari in the afternoons and we’d sit in what he called the ‘money room’ and swap stories.” (When she and Richard Burton were in the throes of their headline-grabbing love affair during Cleopatra, they used the Bulgari store as a hideout from Rome’s determined paparazzi. Burton once remarked that “The only word Liz knows in Italian is Bulgari.”)


Bulgari’s leadership in sourcing the finest stones, innovative design, and the flawless craftsmanship of its settings, has kept the jeweler a favorite among the international set until the present. Excellence is the company mantra, and I saw that first hand at their handbag factory last summer, watching how the company’s craftsmen let nothing escape their eagle eyes. With such resolutely high standards, the name of Bulgari’s recent launch, B.Zero 1 Perfect Mistake Collection is all the more intriguing. 

What exactly is a‘perfect mistake”?

Well, one, that appears to be an error at first look, then turns into a an unexpected opportunity, or discovery, says the company. Bulgari references no less than James Joyce to underscore their point, citing the author who wrote how errors “lead to portals of discovery.”

When Bulgari  launched the B. Zero 1 line more than 15 years ago,it was to commemorate the millennium (the “B” referencing the company; the Zero 1, the start of the next 1000 years). While the turn-of-this-century ring was eventually crafted in gold, its development lead to a number of prototypes. One utilizing different shades of gold—white, pink, and yellow—stood out.  Even though this model didn’t conform to the original design request, the ring held a special beauty and was set aside until recently, when it became the basis of the B.zero1 Perfect Mistake Collection.

The new ring also comes in white and pink gold and includes a version to wear with pendants. For more information go to bulgari.com