Last Chance To Experience Street Art by Richard Hambleton in Dubai

Richard Hambleton

Limited editions of street artist Richard Hambleton’s original works are on view until 15th of February in the Emirate Towers. This is the first exhibition of the legendary American pop artists’ work in Dubai and showcased at La Cantine du Fauborg Dubai, UAE.

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La Cantine du Faubourg presents the last chance to view works by contemporary pop artist Richard Hambleton. The works, including limited editions, represent visual connotations depicting the vulnerability and intensity of human life, are large original acrylic on canvas.


Richard Hambleton
Horse and rider, original Acrylic on canvas by Richard Hambleton.

Richard Hambleton does not give interviews as he prefers to remain a phantom; not unlike the ubiquitous shadow figures he is renowned for along the walls, doorways and vacant lots sprawled across the city of New York.

Born in 1954 in Vancouver, Canada, Richard Hambleton graduated from the Emily Carr School of Art inhis native town with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and was also educated at the San Francisco Institute of Art.

The New York based artist, along with Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, is currently considered one of the major artists who first achieved success during the art boom in this city during the 1980’s.

Coined the Godfather of Street Art, Hambleton’s work is often compared to ‘graffiti art’ although the artist himself considers his work to be ‘public art’. Out of his versatile movements, Hambleton is best known for his Mass Murder Concept and the Shadowman paintings. The Mass Murder Concept was a series of works in which Hambleton painted chalk outlines around bodies of volunteer ‘homicide’ victims and splash red paint within the outline to leave behind a seemingly realistic crime scene. His later Shadownman paintings of the early 1980’s resembled life-sized, silhouetted images of strange people and cumulated to around 600 figures in total. These silhouettes were splashed and brushed with black paint on buildings or other structures across New York City in locations that would startle unsuspecting pedestrians such as in dark allies or around street corners.

In the mid-80’s Hambleton was invited to make his mark in Europe and Asia and he continued acclaim as “The Shadowman”. A celebrated name in today’s art world, he remains one of the only surviving members of that early cutting edge New York Downtown art movement. At the 17th annual cinema against aids amfAR benefit saw two rare Richard Hambleton works auctioned to reach a combined price of over USD 920,000.