Fashion Recap: Lacoste FW16 Fashion Show

Always bringing athleticism to the runway, Lacoste showed off some relaxed silhouettes in elegant classic tones as well as – to everyone’s surprise – some gleaming bright astronaut oversized coats.

Courtesy of LACOSTE

Inspired by the discreet elegance of a retro-futuristic ski resort, Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista redesigned the LACOSTE brand in this new Fall/Winter collection. Inventive and ultra-chic, some of the collection’s sweaters feature 70s advertising messages such as “100% CROCO”, “CROCODILE” and “CROCODELLE” as well as 80s video game-inspired embroideries of pixelated pine trees and small colorful skiers. Mimicking the warm color and texture of timber, Baptista introduced a faux-wood print and an array of tan colored garments.

Courtesy of LACOSTE

The overpowering retro cottage vibe is is ever-present in the designer’s use of velvet and floor-length tracksuit skirts paired with masculine boots. Referencing our favorite classic French film, “Belle de Jour” through the use of feminine PVC polos and flared skirts, Felipe pairs the sweet look in an unusual but fantastic way, with leather boots with wooden heels.

Courtesy of LACOSTE

This season, LACOSTE’s palette was a myriad of neutral steel and earth tones along with some bursts of vibrant pink, red, mustard yellow and burnt orange. The hues of Fall, LACOSTE knows best when it comes to youthful fresh and timeless style.