Dubai Weekend Sizzles: Lexus, COYA, East Wing Serve up All That Is Haute



Intersect Music Night

INTERSECT BY LEXUS, the newly opened creative space and eatery from Lexus in the DIFC hosted the third in a series of dynamic and inspiring cultural events.

The focus of the captivating evening was to shine light on the bright future of the music industry in the UAE. Prominent figures from this diverse industry provided insight on the topic and highlighted the intersect of international talents visiting the Emirates and local artists emerging from the wide range of talent within the UAE.

The panel of experts sparked this conversation by hosting a discussion at INTERESECT BY LEXUS, brining perspective from multiple different areas within the music industry. The exciting event brought together both an artistic and elite crowd of Dubai’s cosmopolitan scene that created an opportunity for networking, ideas, collaborations, and inspiration. The environment was an intimate and relaxed gathering engulfed in artistic expression and spirited, musical discussion that presented a bright future for the music industry within the UAE, leaving guests and participants enthusiastic for what is yet to come.

Guests included multiple VIPs and movers and shakers within the music industry, as this artistically influential crowd mingled and shared ideas over canapés and beverages. After the initial networking and gathering, guests were able to engage in an interesting discussion panel and Q&A with the diverse panel. The eclectic and elite crowd enjoyed the artistic atmosphere well into the evening, marking another successful event for the unique luxury space, that is a part of a dynamic line up of cultural events hosted by INTERSECT BY LEXUS in 2016.


Dubai’s leading Latin American dining destination COYA Dubai presents the UAE’s food connoisseurs with exciting activities starting February. To celebrate Peru’s Dia del Pisco (National Pisco Day), the outlet presents a colourful and vibrant evening to tantalize all five senses on the 6th of February which will see the team dressed in traditional Peruvian attire and Latin American music spun by COYA’s resident DJ to set the mood as guests enjoy COYA’s eclectic cuisine, and the famous Piscos. Offering guests an added unique glimpse into the magical world of COYA, specially tailored masterclasses will run throughout February.


East Wing Features Alexander McQueen by Nick Waplington

In 2007, Lee Alexander McQueen, one of the world’s most important fashion designers of the last two decades commissioned British photographer, Nick Waplington, to photograph and develop a book that would capture McQueen’s working process as he designed what would become his penultimate Fall collection, Horn of Plenty (2009), from inception to the grand finale presentation in Paris. Running until 3 March – don’t miss this spectacular exhibition of one of the last collections created by McQueen from inspiration to presentation documented in-depth by acclaimed British Photographer, Nick Waplington at East Wing.
Alexander McQueen
Waplington’s resulting images unflinchingly capture what was essentially McQueen’s personal survey of his own creations to date; Horn of Plenty  was a a grand retrospective of his career; a recycling of ideas from the last 15 years – detailed down to the final stage set, composed of broken mirrors and a giant trash heap made up of all the sets from his previous shows.

When finished photographing McQueen’s process from inception to presentation, Waplington had 800 work prints pinned to his studio wall, so that Lee could edit them himself. The images were then transferred into a maquette-type scrapbook and left with McQueen to finalize sequencing – but both artists felt something was missing. In searching to fill this void, Waplington went out with an 8 X 10 field camera and photographed landfill sites and recycling plants in places as diverse as Nottinghamshire, England and the Negev desert in Israel. These images not only added to Lee’s ‘recycling’ theme, but also spoke to Walpington’s own unique, ‘messy’ aesthetic. The work is not only a record of Horn of Plenty but also, the personal reflection of Lee Alexander McQueen’s vision of himself, and a tribute to the many important and lasting relationships he had with all those who worked alongside him.