LA: Cycle Your Way To Fitness At These 5 Studios

We all know the feeling when holiday season comes to an end and you aren’t feeling so haute about your body. Luckily in Los Angeles there are always easy ways to focus on your fitness. Cycle your way through this Christmas and into 2016 at these 5 haute studios.

Cycle House 

via Cycle House Facebook page

Cycle for a cause at one of LA’s trendiest indoor cycling studios. Every class you take at Cycle House will not only be good for you, but will help donate two meals to someone in need. Think of it as every calorie you burn transferring to someone else who needs it to survive. Cycle House is a pioneer in LA philanthropic fitness, giving you that extra motivation you’ve been looking for. Their sweet and simple spot will have you sweating your sins out in intimate class settings. It’s an all around awesome experience.

The Sweat Shoppe

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Change the way you train at this innovative cycling studio. The Sweat Shoppe has grown a cult following of fitness lovers looking for an authentic workout. While they are infamous for their insipirational instructors, they are also known for their unique hot room cycling classes. They have unique classes taught in hot rooms that will allow you to ride faster, harder and longer once acclimated to the heat. Not to mention the up to 1000 calories you could burn in each class. After you’ve felt the burn you might be up for a sports massage or reiki practice; both of which can be had here. You will leave this no frills spot feeling fresh and accomplished.


via Kinetic Facebook page
via Kinetic Facebook page

At Kinetic cycling studio good energy gives you even greater results. Their classes are a celebration of your fitness encouraging you to ride light, loose and happy. But don’t let the open vibe fool you, these classes are as tough as any. You will leave their refreshingly positive studio feeling happy mentally as well as physically. It’s a workout for your body and a break for your mind!


via SoulCycle Facebook page
via SoulCycle Facebook page

This studio hardly needs an introduction. SoulCycle has cemented itself nationwide as the golden standard for cycling studios. Their loyal riders wear the brand in the tone of their muscles and merchandise on their sleeves. They curate the experience in a way that is unparalleled in the fitness world. Motivational instructors, candlelight classes, rocking music and stunning spaces all make SoulCycle a truly enjoyable place to workout. Especially when you can accomplish body-changing results in mere 45-minute classes. Get into SoulCycle, and become part of a community of people looking to see a real change in their bodies and in their lives.


via FlyWheel Facebook page
via FlyWheel Facebook page

Need a competitive edge to get you going? Find your answer at the increasingly popular FlyWheel. Enter the FlyWheel cycling studio and get ready for a challenge. Riders can compete to set a personal best or challenge others in a race to the top. Each stationed bicycle is integrated with high-end technology that connect the bike, stadium screen, website and app to give you a fully comprehensive understanding of your workout. Beyond the bike, you will also workout your upper body with a few much-needed exercises.