Haute 100: Jerry Seinfeld & Amy Schumer Are Joining Forces Again


Two of comedy’s hautest names have already sold out New York City’s Beacon Theatre. Veteran comedian Jerry Seinfeld and newbie Amy Schumer are joining forces for Baby Buggy’s 15th Anniversary celebration. Both Seinfeld and Schumer are using their talents to bring comedic relief for a good cause.

Baby Buggy, which was started by the 61-year-old’s wife Jessica, is an organization whose mission is to curb generational poverty by linking access to critical child gear items to parental participation in programs designed to lift the family out of poverty. The organization carefully selects the community-based programs that will receive its items to ensure that deliveries are combined with comprehensive social services, such as job training and parenting support. The proceeds from the comedy show will directly fund the organization’s efforts to limit generational poverty.

The event is billed as “An Evening With Jerry Seinfeld and Amy Schumer.”

This will not be the first time the two will make audience members howl uncontrollably. Last year, Schumer made an appearance on Seinfeld’s hilarious Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The two rode in a 1971 Ferrari, because as Seinfeld described Schumer, “She has horsepower.” On the webisode, which is a little more than 15 minutes long, fans watch Seinfeld experience a little car trouble. Finally, Schumer and Seinfeld stumble in a diner in the Bronx, where the two discuss a number of things. Seinfeld compliments Schumer on her comedic talents and then asks, “What would be the analogy for you, what in your life of a mechanical nature, what physical object when it goes wrong you just don’t even want to live?” Schumer’s response will literally make you spit out your coffee in laughter.

To see their chemistry live in action, Baby Buggy’s 15th Anniversary is slated for Monday, Nov. 16th. Tickets range from $130-$280. Get your tickets here.

To watch the full webisode, click here.

Photo courtesy of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.