Behind The Scenes With Boardwalk Empire’s Vincent Piazza

Vincent Piazza’s memorable portrayal of Lucky Luciano on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire left an indelible mark and had people wanting more. With the December release of the film, Wannabe, Vincent and his co-star, Patricia Arquette, play a mobster couple that are in over their heads during the trial of John Gotti in the 90’s. It’s a mix of fiction and real life drama.

Photograph by Dennis Golonka
Photograph by Dennis Golonka | Stylist: Julian Jesus | Groomer: Roland Brummer | Set Design: Teri Cotruzzola | Stylist Assistant: Rosa Sanchez

The Queens, New York native also starred in our fashion shoot along with some pretty impressive time pieces and menswear fashion to die for, including, Gucci, Kiton, Burberrys, Bottega Veneta, Vacheron Constatin and Brequet to name a few of the most desirable names in luxury. The story, photographed by Dennis Golonka at the legendary Peninsula hotel in a lavish suite with views overlooking New York’s Fifth Avenue. Dennis mixed images of hotel interiors, including the lobby with a sophisticated backdrop photos. But nothing to take the focus off of Vincent who was the star of the show.

Unlike his tough guy on-screen persona, Vincent is a perfect gentleman who spent his childhood in Queens. He was always ready to crack a joke and easily slipped into the impeccably tailored suits and coats. His facial expressions reveal an consummate actor that is deeply entrenched in his craft. He gave much more for the camera than the blank stares of a fashion model.

The actor with the boy next door smile looks much younger than his 39 years and is of Italian and German decent. He played ice hockey for Villanova University of Villanova Pennsylvania while in college. His acting resume includes stints on the Sopranos, Law and Order, Criminal Intent and a role in the film adaptation of Jersey Boys directed by Clint Eastwood.

Wannabe is set to be released on December 4, 2015.

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Video by Rodrigo Tasca