Princess Reema’s 10KSA Striving For Breast Cancer Awareness

10KSA Princess Reema

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close, it’s timely to remind Haute readers of Princess Reema’s recently launched 10KSA. 10KSA is an initiative to raise awareness about holistic health issues, with a focus in 2015 on breast cancer awareness.

On December 15, 2015 10KSA will gather over 10,000 women at an event in Riyadh that will combine education and activities, as well as the formation of the World’s Largest Humanitarian Ribbon. Proceeds from all 10KSA initiatives fund the Zahra Breast Cancer Association, an organization committed to helping women through a difficult journey and into a place of healing and good health.

10KSA Princess Reema
On December 15, Princess Reema’s 10KSA will gather over 10,000 women at an event in Riyadh that will combine education and activities, and form the World’s Largest Humanitarian Ribbon.

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Princess Reema founded the initiative to shed light on the conversation about breast cancer in the Eastern world. For example, although it is the most prevalent cancer affecting women globally, in Saudi Arabia women are diagnosed at advanced stages leading to higher mortality rates, so much so that occurrence of breast cancer is 10 years younger than their Western peers. The overall survival rate for women in Saudi Arabia is lower due to low screening. Fear, stigma and cultural barriers are noted factors for those rates and Princess Reema wants to remove those barriers through education and funding. 

10KSA’s website states that they “aim to shift the conversation and associations attached to “cancer” to reflect hope and that prevention and treatment are attainable. By promoting and engaging with local stakeholders, 10KSA is encouraging holistic health practices and collaborations that encourage women to become body and health aware.”