Haute 100 MIA: Romero Britto Expands Gallery, Adds Haute New Concept Store

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Brazilian Neo-pop artist, painter, serigrapher and sculptor Romero Britto will relocate his landmark Britto Central Gallery to two new locations.

Earlier this year, Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board approved a request for a complete renovation of the current 818 Lincoln Road property, which is where Britto Central Gallery currently resides. The gallery will remain at this location through the first part of 2016. Following the first quarter of next year, the gallery will relocate to 1102 Lincoln Road, a traditional gallery space as well as 532 Lincoln Road which will serve as the test grounds for a new concept store with plans of global expansion.

“I am so very grateful to have this opportunity to fulfill my dreams to not only be able to expand but to also continue to share my art with the world after 20 plus years of opening my gallery,” he said.

The new location on Lincoln Road in the trendy South Beach neighborhood, which was once home to the New York City spin-off café Serendipity 3, represents a return to Britto’s roots with a focus on originals works. The high end and upscale environment will showcase his vibrant aesthetic as well as his vision and passion for fine art.  On the contrary, 532 Lincoln Road will showcase collectibles and limited edition fine works in a new store concept.

At the 818 Lincoln Road location, Britto Central Gallery has hosted thousands of collectors from around the globe, from Asia to South America and well across Europe. It has also hosted old friends such as Marilyn Monroe’s last co-star Eli Wallach and his wife, actor and former Governor of the State of California Arnold Schwarzenegger while filming True Lies, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, longtime friend and supporter Paulo Coelho, numerous patrons of the arts including the Arison, Braman, and Slim families to name a few.

Britto has exhibited his work across four continents, in almost 300 exhibitions and in more than 20 museum shows.

Photo via Instagram