Haute 100 Update: Romero Britto Opens Royalty Exhibit in London

Miami-based Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto has opened his highly anticipated London exhibit featuring portraits of members of the British royal family and other modern day and historic icons.

The renowned artist has been celebrated worldwide for his work and counts many notable names as his high-profile fans and collectors, including Elton John, Bill Clinton, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Prince Charles, King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia, Lili and Howard Buffet, Carlos Slim, Eileen Guggenheim, Andre Agassi, and many more.

The pop art celebrations of Britain’s royalty and other historic figures will be on display at the Central London exhibition at Imitate Modern Gallery. The three-part exhibit will feature four stunning, original oil-on-canvas portraits of royals in addition to another series of numbered, limited edition prints and other collectibles to include mixed media fine art sculptures and more.

Icons to be featured in Britto’s work for the exhibit include the Prince William and Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II, the Pope, Chairman Mao, Henry Matisse, Brigitte Bardot, and Jesus.

“We are delighted to be exhibiting this new body of work from Britto,” says Fallon Khan of Imitate Modern Gallery. “He is synonymous with painting the Kings and Queens of pop, from Michael Jackson, Madonna to Lady Gaga, and he has now turned his gaze to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge one of the most iconic and most watched couples on the planet and true modern icons.”

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