SF: Sonya Molodetskaya Takes Us Inside The Gucci Boutique


Life is never simple, and neither is fashion. More importantly, if you think fashion is full of surprises, the “it” shoe of fall 2015 will confirm your suspicions.

Love it or hate it, but that moment when you realize you can actually wear your slippers from your bedroom straight to the streets is priceless! San Francisco‘s Gucci Ready-To-Wear and shoes manager Ian Raz has been insisting that I stop by the boutique to check out the new Gucci Fall 2015 collection. With the beginning of Fashion Month, my visit became a necessity.

Gucci’s Ready-To-Wear manager Ian Raz

I walked into Gucci’s boutique with two things in mind. First, I wanted to look at the collection designed by Gucci’s new creative director Allesandro Michele, the man who said, “Some women are forced by men to look a certain way, to be accepted by the general public, and I find it terrible.” A phrase I totally agree with and live by. Secondly, I had a strong feeling the shoe, which took over the fashion world, was calling my name.


The Gucci Fur Loafer is probably the most controversial shoe on the fashion market right now because of its daring kangaroo fur lining. However, that did not stop it from becoming the most desirable item of the season. The familiar horse-bit Gucci logo that has been around forever brings back the comfortable feeling of good classic Gucci loafer we all once loved.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover the furry creation looked good with almost any piece, such as this romantic and youthful collection I tried on. Needless to say I was not planning to “sleep” on the idea of owning the haute sleeper, especially being in the process of packing for Fashion Week Paris. What do you think?