Dallas: Why Luxx Nightclub Is Smoking Haute

Luxx, located right downtown, is the Mecca of luxury for Dallas' elite.
Luxx, located right downtown, is the Mecca of luxury for Dallas’ elite.

Photo Credit: Luxx

Nestled in the shadows of downtown Dallas, Luxx Nightclub offers Dallas’ up and coming nouveau riche an elegant retreat in the midst of the recent Dallas nightclub boom. With its minimalist design, plush seating, classic black and white striped walls, and elegant accessories this trendy 4,000 square foot spot oozes enough luxury to draw in the elite crowd. Dallas’ trendiest find their way here, those  who this nightclub has set their sights on. The two level nightclub offers guests the opportunity to indulge themselves in the type of hyper-luxury and extravagance not often found in this area.

VIP booths and bottle service add the the feeling of luxury and exclusivity.

The bartenders are prompt with the drinks, and the two bars streamline the process. With two floors you have your choice of partying and dancing in the downstairs area or heading up to the roof to relax on one of the leather sofas and have some quiet conversation as you enjoy views of Dallas at night. The upstairs area is just as posh and luxurious as the rest of the club. The rest of the staff is every bit as concerned with making you feel part of the elite crowd — even more so if you’ve got a VIP membership which gets you perks like getting the good stuff when you order bottle service and being ushered to the front of the line rather than having to wait your turn.

The music is some of the best in the Dallas nightclub scene. Top DJs spin everything from the best top 40 and hip hop to mashups and house music from the center of a state of the art lighting and sound system. Once in awhile the club brings in guest DJs like MIMS and DJ UNK. Even though they play a lot of different kinds of music the transitions are smooth so you get a chance to enjoy it.

Dress to impress if you are heading over to Luxx. This isn’t the spot to go when you are wearing your most comfortably jeans and your college hoodie. Pull out all the stops, raid the safe deposit box, and drape yourself in the heirloom jewelry. Plan on being fashionably late — things don’t get interesting around there until at least 11.