Live Like James Bond and Book a $104,000 Stay at The Charles Hotel

The Charles Hotel
The Charles Hotel

If you’ve ever wanted to live like James Bond, now is your chance thanks to an over-the-top, $104,000 package on offer at Munich’s Charles Hotel. 

In anticipation of the upcoming Nov. 6 release of the latest Bond installment, Spectre, The Rocco Forte property is offering the sweet “Be James Bond for a Day” package that’s certain to both shake and stir you up.

According to the hotel group, “The adventure begins at the hotel, where an intruder will suddenly leave an encoded message in the guest’s room. By helicopter, the guest will be flown up into the mountains, where—in addition to a cable car ride, a lunch followed by a massage and a visit to the casino—there is plenty of action in store.”

There’s more, of course. You’ll find eruptions in your room, have to decode a secret message on a USB stick, fight fictional villains and travel in a stealthy, fully equipped black van, where you’ll fly to the German-Swiss border. Oh yeah, and all your adventures will be caught on camera by a professional filming crew.

No, this package isn’t for the faint of heart (which might be why it’s strictly 18+), but then, neither is Bond. The whole breathtaking experience will set you back $104,433, and can be booked by contacting the hotel directly.

After your day of action, you’ll definitely be able to luxuriate in this absolutely breathtaking hotel (yes, we’ve been), which has every amenity you could possibly ask for (including a personalized dirndl and lederhosen service during Oktoberfest). Stay in the Monforte Royal Suite if you can—a 656 square foot suite named after the birthplace of Lord Charles Forte which offers stunning views and antique artworks, a private terrace, original paintings by Franz von Lenbach, a grand piano, steam room and double shower.