5 Haute Restaurant Specials: Maison Mathis Dusit Thani And More

Maison Mathis Dusit Thani

Dubai’s dining scene is as lively as ever, and several high-end restaurants are kicking off the new season with new menu specials. Zuma Dubai, Maison Mathis Dusit Thani, Royal China Dubai, Mikado Dubai, and Latitude are off and running with new menu additions, some of which are being offered just for a limited time.

Maison Mathis Dusit Thani’s truffle menu

Maison Mathis Dusit Thani
Maison Mathis Dusit Thani’s truffle menu is sure to be a hit.

Photo Credit: Maison Mathis Dusit ThaniMaison Mathis Dusit Thani is offering a number of exquisite culinary treats in its special seasonal truffle menu right now. The restaurant started offering the menu on Monday and is offering it throughout the day. Among the choices are truffle poached eggs served on a bed of asparagus with fresh black truffle shavings, a creamy potato stack, and truffle vinaigrette.

The truffle menu also includes truffle and mushroom tarter, which includes Portobello and button mushrooms, crème fraiche, truffle salt, truffle oil, and black truffle shavings. Maison Mathis Dusit Thani also has truffle farfalle on the menu, which features a creamy truffle-infused sauce.

Zuma Dubai’s Dantai menu

Zuma Dubai
Zuma Dubai serves up traditional Japanese dishes to share.

Photo Credit: Zuma Dubai

This month award winning restaurant Zuma Dubai is offering its Dantai menu in the lounge on Fridays. The dishes complement the return of the restaurant’s Friday brunch, which comes back on Sept. 25. The Dantai menu mixes some of Zuma’s classics with recently added items like spicy Irish beef tartar with seaweed nori, caviar, and an onsen egg or roasted leek with saikyo miso and fresh truffle.

For Zuma Dubai’s special, diners choose two starter dishes and a main course and then select from the dessert platter. The Dantai menu is being served at Dubai on Friday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:30 starting on Sept. 25. It’s priced at AED 260. Brunch starts on Sept. 25 and runs from 12:30 to 4 p.m.

Taste of Mikado

mikado cafe
Mikado Cafe just arrived in Abu Dhabi this year, but it has quickly become a favorite hot spot for its brightly colored, freshly made sushi.

Photo Credit: Mikado Cafe

Mikado Café in Abu Dhabi is offering a new signature menu called the Taste of Mikado. Starting this month, the restaurant will showcase its most popular dishes during lunch and dinner service on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The signature menu includes a la carte dishes in four courses with offerings like freshly rolled sushi, soup, and some hot dishes, enabling diners to try a wide array of selections. Mikado Café has a wide selection of sushi rolls to choose from, including salmon nigiri, yasai gyoza, tuna nigiri, and tuna uramaki. The meal wraps up with specialty ice cream or sorbet. The menu starts at AED 100.

Royal China Dubai’s Chinese Mooncake Festival

royal china dubai
One of Royal China Dubai’s most popular dishes is its traditional dim sum.

Photo Credit: Royal China Dubai

Royal China Dubai is planning a celebration for the Chinese Mooncake Festival later this month. It only lasts a few days though, from Sept. 24 to 27. The award-winning Chinese restaurant is offering diners a free mooncake as dessert to accompany their meals.

Another recent addition to Royal China Dubai’s menu is the Royal China Club menu, which is a more sophisticated form of the restaurant’s a la carte offerings. Among the dishes on the club menu are crystal king prawns with lobster sauce and pan fried king scallops with foie gras. Royal China also has a mixology staff on hand to serve up cocktails like white dragon martinis.

Okku’s lunch pampering special

Okku has won multiple awards for its Japanese dishes.

Photo Credit: Okku If you have time for an extended lunch, Okku is offering lunch plus a 50- or 25-minute massage at Mandara Spa. Lunch arrives in two courses and includes organic green tea and miso soup, a prawn tempura roll, and either chicken teriyaki or saikyo miso black cod. Prices are AED 199 for a 25-minute massage and AED 299 for a 50-minute massage.