NYC Tasty Alert: Goat Milk Ice Cream Is Here And Delicious


In recent years, health-conscious individuals have become obsessed with frozen yogurt because of the notion that fro-yo is healthier for you. However, there is a fairly new alternative in the frozen treats sector. Usher in goat milk ice cream

Nestled in West Village, on Carmine Street between Bleecker and Bedford Street, is Victory Garden. Inspired by the tradition of Anatolian dondurma, a rich goat milk ice cream made with the root of the wild orchid, all ice cream served at Victory Garden is made from fresh goat milk and yogurt that are source directly from local farms. Following Middle Eastern tradition, the uber-unique dessert often incorporates floral essences that are meant to not only please the palate, but also elevate one’s state of mind.

The four-year-old ice cream shop has more than 40 different flavors.

“We rotate throughout the machines, according to the season.  In the summer we do more fruit, herb, and floral flavors, while they are in season and abundant at the farmers market at top quality.  In the winter, we do more spiced flavors, chocolates, coffees, things that are a little bit richer.  We do a lot of typical ice cream flavors that people love but then I also make up a lot of the flavors​,” said Sophia Brittan, founder and chef of Victory Garden.

Brittan, who studied culinary arts at the French Culinary Institute as well as holistic nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, creates flavors based on what inspires her.

“T​hey [flavors] could be inspired by my grandmother’s rice pudding (cinnamon and lemon) or by a great ingredient—Rosemary from Keith’s Farm for our Chocolate Rosemary. Sometimes I’ll think of the way I want to feel or a sense that I want to experience and develop a flavor that takes me there.” She continued, “I had a lot of opportunities to travel when I was younger, especially in Europe, the Middle East, and in Latin America.  All of those regions, as well as New York and the Northeast have greatly influenced my cooking style.”

In addition to ice cream, people can purchase a chia parfait, 6″, 8″ and 10″ ice cream cakes as well as fresh goat milk yogurt that can be topped with fresh fruit and other toppings.

So, why should you choose goat milk ice cream? “Goat milk is easier to digest than cows milk. The lactose and fat are easily processed by the body, and it is rich in calcium and fatty acids. Goat milk is touted as one of the reasons the people of Ikaria, Greece live so long.  You’ll never feel bloated or full after having goat milk ice cream.​  I don’t want people to think that goat milk is this odd choice; it is actually better milk for you, not an alternative.  And more people around the world drink goat milk than cows milk, “ Brittan explained.