Lorna Jane Shares 7 Tips for a Haute & Healthy Lifestyle

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Lorna Jane Clarkson is an expert on leading a healthy lifestyle: as the founder and CCO of multi-award-winning activewear label, Lorna Jane, she is both a celebrated icon of Australian fashion design and an aficionado of the “Active Living” philosophy.

This is a woman who truly lives and breathes her brand’s values. Her role sees her overseeing the creative direction of her company, directing entire collections and marketing campaigns, and paving the way to Active Living through the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe. She has even developed a popular online community Move, Nourish, Believe to spread her message globally.

Clarkson, who now has 203 stores worldwide, is also launching her new book, “Inspired,” on July 9. The book will give readers more insight into her Active Living philosophy and teach women how to live inspirational and active lives.

The 208 page hard-cover tome includes her tips on defining your own personal style, advice for living an inspirational life, nutritious recipes and natural beauty remedies.

Lorna Jane took some time out of her active lifestyle to share her tips for a haute and healthy life with Haute Living. Get ready to be inspired!



1)    Live out Your Purpose: I believe that living out your purpose plays a role in your overall health and wellness. What do you love? What do you value? Go after that and make it a bigger part of your life every day. After all, how you spend your days is ultimately how you spend your life and when you are living out your purpose, that’s when you’ll experience a deeper level of fulfillment and happiness. For me, my purpose is to spread my Active Living philosophy to women all over the world in the hope that it will inspire them to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

2)    Create Rituals: There is power in rituals. Life moves quickly and building rituals into your day is extremely important to ensure that you do the things that are important to you—the things that make you, you. There is one ritual that I do every single day, one which I believe keeps my spirit inspired, gives me daily purpose and helps me to continuously improve my health and wellbeing. It’s setting my MNB intention—my daily commitment to living my best, active life through Move Nourish Believe. An example of an MNB intention is, ‘Today I will…”

M: Start my morning with yoga

N: Eat less sugar!

B: Say Thank You MORE

3)    Embrace the Uncomfortable: Learn to get comfortable with that feeling of being a little uncomfortable. While a comfort zone is a beautiful place, nothing ever grows there.

4)    Explore Often: Nothing invigorates the mind, awakens the soul and rejuvenates the body more than breaking your routine. Allow yourself to take a break and experience something new, something different.

5)    Perfect Balance:  The definition of balance is different for each of us, but I believe achieving balance is imperative to being your best self. It’s about meeting the needs of your body, both physically and emotionally. Striving to improve your life through better eating, regular exercise, managing stress, finding time for friends and family and discovering the disciple to balance work and play. For me, when I begin to feel unbalanced, I come back to a few simple truths: put my health first, find time to exercise, nurture relationships, make time for me, and remind myself it’s okay to say ‘no.’

6)    Style & Function: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Sonny & Cher, Style & Function… there are just somethings that are better together. Pursue styles that allow you to move fully and live freely—to do more and gain more from every experience. You should never have to sacrifice style for comfort. In fact, it’s this very thinking that is foundational for my design team at Lorna Jane—runway inspired activewear that enhances performance, not specifically in the sporting arena, but in every aspect of the modern woman’s busy schedule.

7)   Get Inspired: Being inspired is a mindset that allows you to discover who you are and what motivates YOU. So make the time to chase that inspired feeling in every aspect of your life – trust me, inspiration is everywhere, you just have to stop and look around.

‘Inspired’ will launch on Thursday, July 9th 2015 in Lorna Jane stores throughout the United States, Australia and online at www.lornajane.com, RRP $59.99.