Dubai Does It Again: Meet The World’s Largest Indoor Ski Slope

Oops, they did it again! Dubai is about to break their own record for the world’s largest indoor ski resort. You know, because having two of the largest ski resorts is way better than one.


The Gulf emirate has just announced plans to build the new world’s largest indoor ski resort. The current resort has been live in the Mall of the Emirates since 2005. Millions of tourists have had a go on the 400-metre slope. Dubai is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. In the last year over 13.2 million visitors came to tour the city’s attractions; including the world’s largest indoor ski slope. Winter, spring, summer or fall, the slope is ready and open.

The new indoor ski resort is part of a project called Meydan One. The ambitious plan will include the world’s tallest residential tower at 711m high, an expensive shopping center, a marina, a 350-room resort and a dancing fountain, which can reach up to 420m. What can we say; only in Dubai. Meydan One is estimated to cost up to 25 billion dirhams and will act as an extension of the already grand Meydan racetrack.

The first part of this mecca is projected to be finished in the next five years. This phase will consist of residences expected to house up to 78,000 people. Which just for your information is double the population of Monaco. This ambitious feat will only solidify Dubai as a financial and business hub attracting business and investors from around the world. It is notorious as a liberal city emerging from a conservative environment. For this reason, it also continues to grow in tourism. The emirate hopes that by 2020 they will have an estimated 20 million visitors annually.