A Peek At The World’s First Private Floating Islands

Having neighbors is overrated, which is why you might want to consider claiming one of the world’s first floating islands. Christie’s International Real Estate has unveiled their plan’s to build the Amillarah Private Islands starting in the Maldives.


The collection of luxury atolls are the first of their kind. The high-end islands are fully self-sufficient and eco-friendly. Each floating island will be fully customized according to the owner’s liking. The Amillarah atolls will be able to host huge mansions, pools and even their own beachfronts. While the project plans to start in the Maldives, there are also plans to expand in Dubai and Miami.

Christie’s is creating these beauties in collaboration with architect Koen Olthuis and designers Dutch Docklands. The designs will ensure that the islands are ‘completely stable and safe from rising sea levels.’ Being environmentally friendly played an essential role in the creation of Amillarah. Christie’s hired Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society to craft completely eco-conscious islands. Cousteau’s research and design will even create new underwater habitats for aquatic life. When you think about it, buying your own private floating island is kind of like donating to a sea life charity.


In announcing the collaboration with Dutch Docklands, the CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate Dan Conn states that ‘The opportunity to literally develop a private island on a body of water is a testament to Dutch Dockland’s skills in this arena. Buyers are able to customize the size, shape and style of their residence, within the broadest range of locations, beginning with this first opportunity in the Maldives.’

In addition Rick Moeser, who is Christie’s senior vice president said, ‘Each of these homes is an eco-friendly work of art that can be lived in, allowing consumers to not only create, but enjoy whatever kind of paradise they desire.’

On top of the private islands there are also plans to develop a floating resort, the Ocean Flower, which will also take residence in the Maldives. This project has the support of the country’s government and will boast a stunning 185 waterfront villas, all with private pools, shops and restaurants. It will be awesome.