A Look Inside The 5 Most Expensive Suites in Sin City

Frank Sinatra once said that “Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks-it says, Goodbye.” However for Sin City’s high rollers, it’s time to say hello to the 5 most expensive suite on The Strip.

1.The Tower Suites at Wynn Las Vegasresize
The most expensive suite in all of Sin City belongs to the Wynn Las Vegas. It’s one of those life situations that only happens to high rollers who have enough cash to be like ‘why not?” Here every guest has their own butler and can enjoy luxurious amenities like a billiards room, a private massage room and up to three-bedrooms spanning two stories. Yes, this means panoramic views of the strip through your floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Whilst the price is undisclosed, it remains the highest for any suite in the city.

2.Octavius Tower Villas at Caesars Palace
“This isn’t the real Caesars Palace is it?” No, not unless you’re staying at one of their ridiculously luxurious suites. In which case, Caesar definitely could have lived here. The grandest suite in the entire palace is the Octavius Tower Villas. With nearly 10,000 square feet and a stunning view of ‘The Garden of The Gods’ you will surely live like a king. Inside your luxurious villa you will find a game room equipped with a fully stocked bar, remote-controlled toilets and at least $80,000 worth of linens to tuck you in at night. So how much you ask? Oh you know, only around $30,000-$40,000 a night. No big deal.

3.The Chairman’s Suites at The Venetian
The Chairman Suites at The Venetian have their name for a reason. To afford it you probably have to be the chairman or CEO of a major fortune 500 company. Those who have the cash to spare are in for a serious treat. You’re 3-4 bedroom suite boasts a personal butler, a private salon, a massage room and naturally a private karaoke room. It’s a must. Some of Vegas’s wealthiest tycoons frequent these suites, which start at a whopping $25,000 a night.

4.The Presidential Suites at The Mandarin Oriental
The Mandarin Oriental is internationally known for luxury at its finest. The Vegas venue features three Presidential Suites including The Emporer Suite, The Mandarin Suite and The Taipan Suite. Whilst all have a similar floor plan spanning around 3,100 square feet, each holds a different aesthetic and design. The Mandarin Suite is located on the hotel’s 22nd floor and has incredible views of The Strip, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your oversized bathtub. Other luxuries include media rooms, piano rooms and a seriously sleek kitchen. A night here will run you a minimum of $15,000.

5.Sky Suite Villas at Aria
For only being the 5th most expensive, the Sky Suite Villas at Aria certainly boast the most amenities. These two-story villas are jaw dropping and will put you right in the center of the city. You can expect a private salon, fitness center, two living rooms, a private entrance to your suite, 24-hour butler service and Hermes toiletries. It is a sleek and sexy stay for the highest rollers in Vegas who have enough cash flow to pay. This full-on grand experience will cost you around $7,500 a night.