This Week In Dubai: Summer Surprises, Diana Haddad

summer surprises

Summer Surprises kicked off this week in Dubai, breathing life back into the city after Ramadan. Among those taking part in Summer Surprises’ concerts were Diana Haddad, Nawal El Kuwaitia, and Abdallah Al Rowaished, who performed on Thursday night.

Summer Surprises Kicks Off

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Summer Surprises Concerts: Diana Haddad

summer surprises
Summer Surprises is off and running with a fabulous performance by three big stars taking the stage on the same night.

Photo Credit: Visit Dubai

Popular Lebanese singer and TV personality Diana Haddad was the headlining act for Thursday night to the delight of fans throughout the Middle East. She was joined by two other fabulous Arabic singers, the Queen of Classic Music, Nawal El Kuwaitia, and Kuwaiti singer Abdallah Al Rowaished, who has released more than 30 albums over his extensive career. Also Middle Eastern musician Qaitharat Al Khaleej performed Thursday night.

summer surprises
Friday’s performances of Kadim Al Sahir and Hussain Al Jassmi during Summer Surprises are sure to be the event of the summer.

Photo Credit: Dubai Calendar

Then on Friday night, mega-star Kadim Al Sahir, who is known for performing Iraqi folk music with accompaniment by a full orchestra, and popular Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi take the stage, marking the first time ever they performed on the same night. It will certainly be hard to top Friday night’s concert.

SLAM FAM at Alserkal Avenue

summer surprises
SLAM FAM is a collage of different hip hop dancing styles from a variety of talented dancers.

Photo Credit: Alserkal Avenue

Also on Friday night, Alserkal Avenue’s The Fridge hosts a hip hop performance called SLAM FAM. The group brings together a wide range of dance talents and close friends who all share a love for the arts and dance. Each of the dancers specializes in a different type of dance, with some even working humor into their performances.