This New Luxury Water is Lighter Than Air

Veren Water, the best in luxury bottled hydration, that is being launched in Miami this summer. Crafted to be the hautest and tastiest bottled water on the market, Veren Water has been adopted in many high-end restaurants and is debuting on the menu at one of the most prestigious fine-dining establishments in Miami.

“Miami was naturally the place for us to for the launch as a center of art, style and fashion with sophisticated clientele,” by co-founder of Veren water, Maria Ershova, said.

Whilst several of Italy’s most prestigious Michelin Star chefs and fine-dining establishments have already embraced Veren as the bottled water to serve along with their gourmet cuisine, talented Chef Kevin Cory has started serving this haute water in NAOE restaurant.

Veren is harvested from the pure air vapour in the skies above an island found 80 miles out into the ocean. This luxury water is unique when compared to other premium bottled waters because its source never comes in contact with the ground. The lightness, freshness and purity of Veren water are a revelation in defined taste.

“Unfortunately most people aren’t aware of the heavy minerals or how many nasty substances such as chloride, fluoride and sodium are in their bottled waters, or indeed where it’s even coming from. Our mission was to produce a water free from all these chemicals and heavy minerals, but in an eco-conscious way during a time of such controversy about how big bottled water companies are draining valuable ground-water resources,” co-founder of Veren water, Duane Orridge, said.

According to the industry standard test, when compared to all other bottled-water brands on the market, Veren can boast it comes from the cleanest source of water available on the planet. Therefore it does not need to be subjected to a treatment process involving chemicals such as chloride, fluoride and sodium.

Veren water is crafted in limited quantities of 3,000 to a maximum of 5,000 bottles per month to guarantee the highest quality of water. The exclusivity of this pristine liquid is reflected in the price of $15-25 per bottle and the fact it is sold only in selected luxury venues.


veren new bottle 1Photo Credit: Veren Water