Magic at Harrods’ New and Improved Online Store


There is a magical place in the middle of London that we all know and love as Harrods. This place decided their space would simply not fit all of their luxury treats. They decided to go to the world online and enhance their site with new feats.

Harrods recently added enhancements to their international online shopping experience. From now on, you will have the ability to search and buy items in any currency that you chose. This means for those shipping to an international address, you won’t have to be submitted to the UK sales tax. Furthermore you no longer have to calculate your local taxes. It’s all done for you, the Harrods way.

To make their enhancements just that much sweeter Harrods guarantees landed costs, ensuring you have no additional charges upon delivery. They seek to make their online experience as seamless and enjoyable as their in-store experience. It seems as though Harrods has finally caught up to the standard on many of its competitor’s e-commerce websites. Their incredibly stunning store now has a beautiful website to match.

Harrods is really a dream come true in many senses. First and foremost you can find every high-end brand under the sun. From Prada to Pucci and everything in between, you will not be left empty handed. You can also expect to experience spa treatments of the highest quality, eat world-class food and get your dog royally groomed all in one spectacularly decorated department store. Although you may not be able to get a massage online, with the new edition of there truly is nothing they don’t do to the fullest. Their online store has a wide variety of shoppings options from souvenirs, home-wares, accessories and food and wine.

So now this magical place has a magical space in the world of shopping online. Head to where you can’t go wrong and get your things delivered on time.
87-135 Brompton Rd, London SW1X 7X
+44 20 7730 1234