London’s Skyline Gets Luxe Upgrade With New Luxury Towers

London’s skyline is getting revamped with two new ultra luxurious apartment towers that offer extravagant views of the city to their tenants.

The first is the Aykon Tower, which is infused with the elegance, sensuality, and charm of Donatella Versace, was just finished and is the first fashion-branded tower in London. Aykon’s developers, one of the biggest construction companies in Dubai, built the tower to emote extravagance, wealth, and luxury.

The tower boasts 360 luxury apartments with views of the Thames, exclusive access to a olympic-sized swimming pool on the 23rd floor, state of the art gym and spa, and a private cinema, all inspired “by the Greek and Roman myths that are part of the Versace DNA,” according to the brochure. Due to the abundant amenities and posh décor a studio apartment at the Aykon Tower goes for £711,000.

Each of the plush apartments offered by the 168m-high luxury apartment building was sold in the pre-sale. The hefty price with an extra £50,000 for a parking space didn’t scare away the potential buyers away from the premium amenities, exquisite décor, and unattainable status. However, although the parking space is expensive, the buyers of one of these suites never has to worry about parking their car because the concierge and valet services will take care of every tenant’s needs.

The River Tower, also called One Nine Elms, is scheduled to be finished in 2020 and is already grabbing the attention of the wealthy all around the world. The luxury residence is already promoting its impeccable five-star service to by offering the best in posh amenities.

The 57-story tower gives its buyers access to a cinema, gym, and roof terrace with views of the entire city. Along with the luxe amenities, the tower also provides its tenants with highly trained personal service to attend to all needs, including valet parking, 24-hour concierge and a turn-down service. Residents also can enjoy at-home dining with the most delicious cuisine.