London Street-Style Shopping Guide

As one of the fashion capitals of the world, London has a lot to live up to. It is a city considered a melting pot for unique style. We took a look at 5 London neighborhoods and the distinct styles they represent.

Shoreditch: The edgy trendsetter.
There are always those people you see on the street that look effortlessly cool and can pull of anything. These people shop in Shoreditch. They are edgy, set the trends and can always be seen wearing at least one black article of clothing. There are so many great boutique options to discover here. They vary from upscale to upcoming designers and thrift shops to match. We recommend passing through the shops at Boxpark, and sampling boutiques like Celestine Eleven, House of Liza and LN-CC.

Knighstbridge + Sloane St: If you’ve got the money.
If you can afford it, you will most likely be seen frequenting the shops on Sloane Street and Knightsbridge High Street. Here you will find all of London’s posh elite gallivanting with the latest designer trends. Whilst Knightsbridge has Harrods and more big name brands, you can find slightly more upscale options on Sloane St. A stroll along Sloane will put you in the company of Valentino, Pucci, Fendi, Dior and all of the high-end designers your wallet can handle. Even if you don’t intend to buy, it is one great street to window shop.

Spitafields: So that we don’t wear the same outfit.
London is filled with millions of people, each who have their own unique style. It makes you wonder; where is everyone getting these one off pieces? It is simply unacceptable to have the same outfit as another Londoner. The answer is gems like Spitafields Market. Here you will find unique and vintage pieces that no one else in London, or the world, will have. Okay maybe they had it ten years ago, but they don’t now and you know it’s back in style. Same thing.

Oxford Circus: The big-name brand bonanza.
If you want every store you have ever heard of in one central area, look no further. Oxford Circus is sometimes a hassle, but it is so densely populated for a reason. This reason is that they have so much to offer. Whilst these stores may not be the most original, they provide tons of variety for reasonable prices. Other than the big brand names you will find on the high street like H&M and Topshop, there are also streets off of Oxford that have more unique options. Carnaby St is filled with little boutqiues for all different styles that are worth checking out.

Camden: A little rock n’ roll.
Once you enter Camden, you will know you have arrived. The style here is perhaps the most distinct from any other London area. Nose piercings and neon hair is the norm in this neighborhood. The style is very rock n’ roll inspired from leather pants to gages. It sort of an upscale grungy vibe, if that were an actual thing. It is definitely an area where people feel the most free to dress and express as they please. It’s awesome. If this is your style, you should experience Camden shops like Rokit and the unique Cyberdog.