How to Get Free Ice Cream From Uber Tomorrow

This Friday, July 24th, Uber is bringing you frosty ice cream in more than 100 cities, so you can have a sweet treat delivered to you wherever you are.

shutterstock_114336598Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Here is how it works! Open the Uber app on July 24th between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. and set your location to where you are. Then request “Ice Cream” and, if your city is one of the lucky cities that get this haute dessert, ice cream will be delivered to you curbside within minutes.

This is Uber’s fourth year bringing ice cream to those in the sizzling heat, but this year they have a special offer for clients with Capitol One cards. Capitol One is teaming up with Uber to bring their eligible cardholders in the United States a free order of ice cream! For this special deal, add your Capitol One card as a payment method and enter the promo code “SWEETDEAL” in the Uber app before requesting.

Prices vary from city to city as well as the flavors of ice cream offered, but there is no better deal than lounging at home or calling from a store and getting ice cold ice cream handed to you. Scoop it up and enjoy!