Haute 100 MIA: Sprint Taps David Beckham to Promote New “All-In” Mobile Plan

David Beckham

Sprint Corp. is relying on David Beckham’s good looks and charming British accent to ensure consumers enroll in its brand new “All-In” mobile plan.

The wireless service provider is offering a new $80 “All-In” pricing plan that includes $20 lease payments on handset as well as $60 for unlimited text, phone and data services. In hopes to capture consumers’ attention, on Tuesday, Sprint unveiled its new “All In” promo ad starring the 40-year-old soccer star.

The ad commences with a T-Mobile representative explaining to Beckham the mobile plans offered by the wireless carrier. Onlookers overhear the conversation and as Beckham leaves the store displeased, witnesses follow in agreeance. The soccer star wanders in and out of AT&T and Verizon, remaining unsatisfied by what the wireless providers are offering. At last, Beckham arrives at Sprint, with thousands of bystanders, and is offered the “All-In” deal.

“If you went to a restaurant that advertised a cheeseburger for 99 cents, but when you show up, they said it’s an extra $2 for the bun or $1 for lettuce, you would feel misled. Yet, that’s what the industry has been doing with its wireless plans,” said Marcelo Claure, Sprint’s CEO. “Why can’t everyone just advertise the full price of both the plan and the smartphone — an All-In plan? That was the idea behind what we’ve created.”

In addition to the above prices, with “All-In” consumers pay $0 down and only a one-time, $36 activation fee.

“When Marcelo and I talked, he said that for most people, buying a cell phone can be one of the most frustrating experiences imaginable,” Beckham said. “People want simple, honest and straightforward plans, but instead they get confusion. With Sprint All-In the aim is to make things simple and deliver value for people.” He also added, “It’s a genuine pleasure to work with such a dynamic and forward-thinking company. I really enjoyed making the advert and hopefully people will enjoy it too.”

Watch the ad below.

Photo via Shutterstock