Haute 100 LA: Ryan Murphy Spills the Deets on American Horror Story’s New Season


While American Horror Story fans impatiently await the return of FX’s critically acclaimed show, executive producer Ryan Murphy dished some exclusive deets at the San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

Murphy wowed comic aficionados when he made a surprise appearance at the American Horror Story: Freak Show and Scream Queens joint panel. He shared the Grammy award-wining Lady Gaga will play an evil character and how its been working with the singer. Murphy said, “She’s been very collaborate and incredibly fun. When you work with somebody like her, you sign up for something that I think is larger than life, ” according to Variety.

Lady Gaga, who is a huge fan of the show, wrote to Murphy expressing her love for American Horror Story and asked if she could be part of the show. Murphy obliged and wrote a role exclusively for her. “The best call ever is ‘Please wait for Gaga’ … and she got on the phone and could not have been lovelier,” he told the crowd.

However, don’t expect Lady Gaga to belt out any tones on the show. “She likes to do one thing at one time,” Murphy explained, confirming that she will only be acting.

We all know the singer is known to sport jaw-dropping looks, and you should expect nothing less on American Horror Story. “Part of her role involves fashion. You want Lady Gaga to look a certain way. The designers have been coming out of the wood works with looks for her, ” Murphy explained.

So what else can you expect?  “Things are connected,” he said. “This season, you’ll see more and more and more of that. Characters from previous seasons will come check into the hotel.” In addition, all the characters will be “bad boys and girls” this season.

Murphy also talked about his new Fox show called Scream Queens. He told audience members he hand no intentions doing the show without the legendary actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis also fawned over working with Murphy. “It is such a pleasure, and for me a rarity,” she said, “to be able to actually have writing which supports everything you do, and almost makes you not need to do anything, because the work speaks for itself.”

Scream Queens premieres September 22, while American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere in October.

Check out this 11-second sneak peek of AHS.

(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)