DBC Fitness Opens in Miami Design District

With many restaurants to eat at and places to shop for art, fashion,and design, the Miami Design District appeals to a wide variety. However, the popular shopping destination now caters toward Miami’s active community with the opening of dbc Fitness, which is the first fitness boutique in the Design District.

Compared to other gyms, dbc Fitness’ boutique training facility does not charge any membership fees. Instead, customers will work one-on-one with a personal trainer, who will create a customized plan after a consultation session.

The name of the training facility stands for “dumbbells, barbells, and cables.” According to dbc Fitness owner and celebrity trainer, David Alexander, as the name implies there are no machines, simply classic accessories that force you to use your own stabilizing muscles, such as dumbbells, barbells and cables.

Those who decide to train at dbc Fitness can expect to come out performing in peak condition like famous professional athletes who use the sam facility, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Reshad Jones.

Even if you’re not a professional athlete, dbc Fitness designed its facility to make you feel like one with their partial turf flooring and custom logoed walls and floors.

dbc graffiti

There is also a guaranteed visual appeal to your workout with the featured work of Miami-based graffiti artist, Jona Cerwinske covering some of the dbc walls.

Whether you’re a local or athlete in tip-top shape, dbc Fitness believes their group of trainers will get you in the peak condition you desire.
dbc Fitness, 3841 NE 2nd Ave, Suite#103